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What is Tuberculosis? Treatment of tuberculosis

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Tuberculosis, Treatment of tuberculosis, Diseases and treatments

What is Tuberculosis? Treatment of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis, Treatment of tuberculosis, Diseases and treatments

Tuberculosis: the other name is tuberculosis. Tuberculosis has been known as a helpless problem that has caused a lot of life loss in the past years.  But nowadays, thanks to the progress of the medical world and the studies done.  Tuberculosis has become a treatable disease. If tuberculosis is a major treatable disease nowadays, many people in the world are suffering from tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is still an important and dangerous disease both in our country and in the world. Investigations into the treatment of tuberculosis in our country In 2014, 13,378 citizens were diagnosed with this disease.

This disease, which can be improved with the right treatment methods, is a disease that threatens the life and loses the life of the patient when it is neglected and not treated.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease.

The airborne tuberculosis virus, commonly called mycobacterium tubercilosis, is commonly referred to in medicine. Mycobacterium tuberculosis virus causes the patient to become sick and tuberculosis by switching from person to person or from air to intact body. This virus can remain in the body for several years without causing the disease.

When the person is weak in the body, the virus immediately manifests itself and forms the disease. As the tuberculosis is contagious, the tuberculosis patients are separated from the healthy people and the divided individuals to whom they are treated can go through protection measures.

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Tuberculosis indication:

  • Having a cough that lasts longer than 10 days.
  • Observation of high fever in the patient.
  • Patient’s especially sweating in the night.
  • Patient’s appetite disappears over time and weight loss begins.
  • Feeling pain and aches in the chest area of the patient.
  • Blood from the patient’s mouth at the time of coughing.
  • Continuous fatigue, fatigue and fatigue.
  • When you see a tuberculosis indication, it is absolutely necessary to go to a doctor without losing time.

Treatment of tuberculosis:

The greatest danger of tuberculosis is the late diagnosis. Patients with tuberculosis late admittance to the doctor cause the disease to progress.  This causes the treatment to enter a more difficult process. Tuberculosis can be done with the right treatment methods.  The most appropriate medicines that the doctor has followed. Diseases and treatments

Many patients are healed by the medication their doctor considers appropriate.   No single medication is used in treatment. More than one medication is used in the treatment of tuberculosis.    If the medicines prescribed by the doctor are used, correctly and regularly.

The disease will heal over time and the patient will return to normal life.  In order for the healing to be fully attained.  The patient needs to apply the treatment fully.   Discontinuation of medication or irregular use of medications makes intermittent medication difficult to heal.  Treatment of tuberculosis

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