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What Is Cancer Disease ? About Cancer, Types of cancer

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 What Is Cancer Disease ? About Cancer

Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Large bowel cancer, Cancer disease

Cancer disease is one of the biggest diseases today.  The fact that there is no clear remedy for the cancer diseases that come to the table is an indication that this disease is of great importance for human life and is unavoidable.  The exact cause of cancer is unknown.   However, there are many reasons that cause this disease to occur and bring the human body closer to cancer.

Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Large bowel cancer, Cancer disease

The appearance of cancer may vary in humans  depending on the age, sex, and family history of the  person.   So much so that the hereditary features often appear in cancer diseases that occur today.

Cancer disease is caused by the unexpected growth of cells in humans.

These cells develop rapidly or slowly depending on the type of cancer.  Cancer disease, which causes the formation of different tissues by continuous division in the region, occurs in this way.  But there are no clear treatments to stop the division of these cells.

Cancer cells are like a person who has lost consciousness.  They grow continuously uncontrolled and cause cancer disease in the region.  Cancer cells can also occur in different parts of the body.  For this reason, it can be said that there is a special feature.  Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Large bowel cancer, Cancer disease

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What are the possible causes of cancer?

Excessive cigarette smoking and alcohol: Cancer disease is the most common cause of extreme alcohol and cigarette smoking today.

In particular, liver and lung cancer problems arise due to this condition and there is no clear treatment.   It may be said that it may be very dangerous for this reason.

Constantly under the sun;  Skin cancers that occur in humans are directly linked to the deterioration of cell structure by the skin remaining under the sun.

. Skin cancers, which are among the cancer diseases that come to the table, are usually treatable.

Chemical substances: This occurs when the most common chemical substances are caused by the inhalation and use of the causes of cancer.
Permanent malnutrition: This usually causes stomach and intestinal cancer. For this reason, great care must be paid to the diet and the food consumed.

Air pollution: Not only in our country but also in many countries, air pollution directly causes cancer disease.

In addition to the above factors, many other conditions cause the problem of cancer disease. These conditions are too many to count.

The most common types of cancer are:

  • Breast cancer that occurs in women is very common. This can be prevented directly by early detection.
  • Lung cancer, as we have already mentioned, comes into play in people who use excessive cigarettes.  Air pollution also plays an important role.
  • Prostate cancer: This is one of the types of cancer that can lead to death, resulting in serious problems that arise directly in men.
  • Large intestine cancer: It is usually a type of cancer that can be treated.  However, strict attention should be paid and necessary treatments should be applied.
  • Cervical cancer: It is a type of cancer that occurs in women. It is a woman’s disease that can be cured many times in this type of cancer.

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