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What Are The Benefits Of There’s Barley?

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Barley is a one-year long day plant.But it also can fit different day lengths. Grain crops is one of the most exposed brothers within the plant. The usual case 5 – 8 brothers.Plant height average 35-100 cm long. Spikes are 8 – 15 cm long 2, 4 and 6.Too hot too cold and the relative humidity is high, that is not good. This plant is most appropriate for soils, rich in organic matter, national, ventilation and humidity response appropriate, neutral (pH 5 to 8).

 The Benefits Of There’s Barley

Diuretic. The bladder and urinary tract infections. Kidney and helps the shedding of sand stone. Prevents prostate growth.  Asabi kusmaları stops. Throat and relieve headaches. Tongue inflammation. Their assessment of the head and throat pain are among the benefits of barley. Vinegar boiled with scabies, an itchy skin diseases like eczema I equivalent would be useful.It’s good for insomnia. Safest febrifuge. Colds, flu, and look into their mouth and throat pain benefits of religion among the barley. Borsak, lung, stomach and liver, spleen, kidney, prostate, bladder infections. Cough, half headache, diarrhea, anemia, many testy , bone weakness, rheumatism and muscle pain the trouble. Diarrhea without taste or simmer until the room against the temperature of the drink.

Babies cant drink hot. Heat 4 cups water 2 tablespoons barley. Boiled and filtered. Temperature when you press a tea Cup. In this way you can get rid of this thanks to heat herbs.  It’s supposed to be good for edema treatments also are among the benefits of barley.

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This is for the benefit of four cups water 2 tablespoon barley and 3 pinch of cherry.10 minutes after boiling. Drink a coffee cup four times a day. Acne and black flour, honey and of this plant against stains vinegar mixed take effect if it is applied to the skin in the form of a mask. ArpaTemriye against the disease from one tablespoon, is driven over the ash from temriye after the fire.

Barley Oil

Disease where 2-3 used oil during the day. But in America it’s medicinal plant oil is very hard to find. Abroad is very expensive because it is a special way can be supplied by distillation.


Skin stain can be done this against barley flour mask. The mask is applied to the skin every day 2 or 3 hours waiting to get rid of stains from the skin. The plant is the recipe.
Barley flour flour mask is made into dough, such as normal dough. Applied to the skin. In particular it should be noted that it is not too dark or too runny.

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