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Treatment for Diabetes, Balanced diabetes treatments

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Treatment for Diabetes

Successful treatment makes all the difference to long-term health, and achieving balanced diabetes treatment can be the key to living with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Treatment varies for each individual, not simply on the type of diabetes that they have.  But also more individual-specific diabetic treatment differences.

Treating your diabetes

Your diabetes treatment and management strategyshould be agreed between you and your health care team. The aim of diabetes treatment is to keep, within reason, blood glucose levels as near to normal as possible. Training in self management of diabetes forms an essential part of diabetes management. Diabetes Treatment should be agreed on an individual basis, address medical psychosocial and lifestyle issues.

Balanced diabetes treatments

A variety of different factors have a role to play in treating diabetes.   The importance of balanced co-ordinated diabetes treatment for all diabetics can not be underestimated.

Regular and successful treatment decreases the risk of each patient developing diabetes complications. The basics of diabetes treatment are broken down into each diabetic type below.

Treatment of Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes treatment is a daily task. The Lack of insulin production by the pancreas makes.  Type 1 diabetes is particularly difficult to control.

Treatment requires a strict regimen that typically includes a carefully calculated diet.  Planned physical activity, multiple daily insulin injections and home blood glucose testing a number of times per day.

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Treatment of Type 2 diabetes

Treatment typically includes diet control, exercise and home blood glucose testing.  And in some cases, oral medication and/or insulin. Approximately 40% of people with type 2 diabetes require insulin injections.

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