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Pain Under Left Rib Cage 1 – Types of Pain Under Left Rib Cage

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A Sharp Pain Under the Left Rib Cage could be indicative of various severe health conditions. It is often linked to heart issues. However, it could also be a sign of kidney diseases, angina, enlarged spleen, digestive issues, heartburn, cardiac issues and more. In any case, the pain should not be ignored. Not opting for a proper treatment in time may lead to further complications such as pleurisy, collapsed lung, costochondritis respiratory infection, pneumonia and can even turn out to be life-threatening. However, if you know the exact cause of the pain, treatment can be a lot easier.

While some chest pains are sharp and acute, others feel more like an uncomfortable burning sensation that simply refuses to go away. Together with this, you could also experience other symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, coughing and pain radiating towards the shoulder, neck and jaws. This article covers all the different types of pain felt under the left rib cage, their causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Although there are some effective treatments you can follow at home, it is best to get the issue identified and treated professionally by a doctor.

Types of Pain Felt Under the Left Rib Cage

1. Pain While Breathing:

If the pain is felt while breathing, it could be indicative of some lung diseases. Many times, different complications lead to the collapsing of the lungs. When this happens, the patient is prone to experiencing difficulty while breathing.

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2. Sudden and Sharp Pain:

If the pain felt is sharp and stabbing, there could be an injury to the rib cage, maybe a broken rib. This type of pain is also felt when there is a complication of the spleen.

3. Pain after Eating

If you experience, it means that the digestive system is not functioning properly. This can be avoided by eating the food slowly and in smaller amounts.

4. Dull Pain

Dull pain is often an indication of ulcer but can also occur due to gas formation in the colon. It is usually felt after eating.

5. Temporary Cramping

Sometimes, the excess amount of gas present in the stomach may lead to a sharp but temporary pain. This caused by select food items and also due to eating in excess. If you have been experiencing this type of pain, make it a point to keep a track of the food items that you have been eating.

6. Pain Under the Rib Cage in the Frontal Part of the Body

There can be many different reasons for this type of pain and the exact cause can be determined by noting the sharpness of the pain and the timing when it occurs.

7. Pain Under the Rick Towards the Back

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If the pain is felt towards the back, it could be indicative of kidney issues, particularly stones. In such cases, the pain can be very intense.


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