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Halitosis(Bad Breath) Causes, Detection and Treatment

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The air that comes to the respiratory system by combining bacteria with the opening of the individual itself and the environment is called the smell of halitosis.

We must accept the smell of the mouth as a major problem affecting the individual’s relationship with both its health and society. Although the smell of halitosis is not a disease, the social reasons caused by individuals are decreasing the quality of life. It is mainly due to systemic and local reasons.

Regional (local) causes of halitosis

Bleeding gum diseases, rotten teeth, improper fillings and coatings, bacteria accumulated on the tongue, pharyngitis and tonsilitis.

Systemic causes of Halitosis(Bad Breath)

halitosis; Systemic causes are gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, cancer drugs used, kserestomy, salivary gland diseases, lung diseases and systemic diseases such as this.
Nineth percent of patients with halitosis feel a bad taste and bad smell in their mouths when they wake up in the morning, and these patients also have halitosis during the day. The patients who are aware of this are therefore using a variety of oral mouthwashes and sprays. However, they do not create a permanent solution, nor do they complain about the patient.

Detection of Halitosis

The apparatus used for the detection of halitosis, the devices that measure the intensity and influence of this odor can determine. Our hospital also has electrochemical measurement devices. It can also be observed in blood gases, saliva ph dization, and bacterial detection on the back of the tongue.

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If the patient who came with a complaint of mouth odor was electrochemically measured in the dentistry clinic and then caused systemic reasons after detecting the halitosis, the ear nose throat, breast diseases, biochemistry and In internal medicine clinics, if it is caused by local causes, the mouth odor is eliminated by treating the dental clinic as a factor.

Patients must pay attention to the preparation phase of the halitosis before coming for measurements. These are If antibiotics are used, three days in advance, the smell of peppermint food and beverages to avoid, mouthwash, spray, onion and garlic foods such as avoiding food, etc. Afterwards, the patient who admitted to our clinic will take about half an hour of electrochemical measurement. Measurement process by closing the patient’s mouth for about three minutes by placing the cannula in the back of the throat, the procedure is three times repeated and the average value of the patient’s mouth odor factor is determined by the treatment Served.

What is Halimeter?

Electrochemically, it is the name given to the instrument to determine where and how severe the halitosis is. The device that shows us whether the halitosis is systemic (due to systemic diseases such as stomach, liver, sugar etc.) or locally or in the mouth is also able to detect the severity of the halitosis.

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