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9 Effective Acupressure Points for Treating Impotence

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It has been assessed that 1 out of 10 men face some type of sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives that disturbs their quality of life as a couple and also affect their self-esteem and confidence.

Problems such as erectly dysfunction or premature ejaculation are extremely common among men, and it can affect men of all age groups right from those in their 20s to 30s or those in 40s to 50s. Insignificant things such as certain lifestyle habits or stressful situations can affect a man’s potency and the building and depleting of the energy reserves of the body also has an impact on potency.

Although, there is a wide variety of medications available to treat these problems, reflexology and acupressure treatment is an effective natural method to strengthen potency by reenergizing the kidneys.

Symptoms of Impotence

Some of the warning signs of impotence and erectile dysfunction are as follows:

  • Trouble getting an erection
  • Difficulty in maintaining an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire and libido
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Inhibited ejaculation
  • Retrograde ejaculation

9 Powerful Acupressure Points to Treat Impotence

All these acupressure points help in balancing the energy flow through the kidneys and revitalize the reproductive organs to promote better functioning.

B23 and B47

Bladder 23 and Bladder 47 are combined known as the Sea of Vitality points that are located on the lower back, between the second and the third lumbar vertebrae, two finger widths away from the spine at the level of the waist. These are extremely beneficial points of acupressure and acupuncture for infertility that helps in treating impotency, premature ejaculation, sexual reproductive problems, fatigue and lower-back pain.

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K1 or Kidney 1 is another important point of acupressure and acupuncture for erectile dysfunction. This point is also called the Bubbling Springs, and it is located in the center of the sole of the foot, right at the base of the ball of the foot, between the two pads. This point is also used for the treatment of menopause-related problems like hot flashes, headache, neck pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and constipation.


K3 or Kidney 3 is a vital acupressure point for treating male sexual disorders. This point is named the Bigger Stream, and it can be found midway between the inside of the anklebone and the Achilles’ tendon, in the back of the ankle. It is especially useful for relieving sexual tensions, semen leakage, fatigue and loss of libido. This point can be stimulated by pressing it firmly with the thumb for 1 minute, angling the pressure towards the inner ankle bone while breathing deeply and then switching sides to stimulate the point on the other leg.


St36 or Stomach 36 is an extremely popular acupressure point for treating various kinds of health issues. This is also known as the Three Mile Point, and it is situated four finger widths from the kneecap, one finger width outside the shinbone. This point helps in strengthening the whole body and improves functioning of the sexual reproductive systems.

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CV4 or Conception Vessel 4 is a significant point of acupressure and acupuncture for impotence that is widely used as one of the effective home remedies for ED (Erectile Dysfunction). This point is called the Gate Origin, and it is located precisely four finger widths below the belly button. This point helps in relieving impotence, uroreproductive problems, and urinary incontinence.

B27 and B34

Bladder 27 and Bladder 34 are known as the Sacral Points, and they are an essential pair of points for male dysfunction treatment. These points are located in the sacrum, at the base of the spine, directly above the tailbone. These are useful points for treating impotency, sexual reproductive problems, sacral pain, lumbago and lower back pain.


CV6 or Conception Vessel 6 is yet another important point of acupressure for impotence, and male dysfunction located precisely three finger widths below the belly button. This point is especially useful for strengthening the reproductive system, treating erectile dysfunction, seminal emission, night-time urination, hernia and uroreproductive problems.


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